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Georgie Moleta - Dual Butcher


My name is Georgie Moleta and I am a dual butcher in my home town of Takaka, Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Dual Butcher

Processing Home kill and regulated meat.

From paddock to plate – as sustainably as possible.

Creating new cuts and a variety of flavoured small goods.


We are passionate home cooks who are lucky enough to be able to grow and raise a lot of our own produce so we were very excited when we found Georgie.  Georgie shares the same passion when it comes to butchery and her skills are exceptional.
Georgie’s attention to detail and openness to discuss the cuts we wanted was like having a private lesson in butchery.
Thank you Georgie for all the yummy dinners we and our friends have had because of your skills.
Heike Lorenz
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